The new lipstick colour crush by The Body Shop

The body shop shows us some new colours of the collection of lipgloss Colour Crush: the lipglosses are very beautiful, thanks to their colours that are available from the red passion nuance to the fancy Pink and the nude colours.

The secret of these lipglosses iscritti the research of the pigments colours all around the world, adding them also the oil obtained from the cherries and from the marula. The scent of the lipglosses is irresistible thanks the aroma of the rose.


Here you can fine my test of the colour. I really like the color of this lipgloss – though perhaps not perfect for my skin color – and the estate is excellent. Moreover, on the lips is very delicate, fragrant and almost seems to have drawn a chapstick. Hey,Did you already test this lipgloss?

colour-crush-the-body-shop-05  colour-crush-the-body-shop-01  colour-crush-the-body-shop-02

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