The multi sensorial mask by Sephora

If you are a fan of face masks, you’ll love the latest maskes by Sephora: in fact, in the store and online you can find the new multi-sensorial face masks prepared with 6 different ingredients and textures. As you can imagine, each mask is able to satisfy specific needs based on the ingredient inserted into it. Below is the list of masks:

  • Hemp Mousse Mask(anti-blemish);
  • Banana cream mask (nourishing);
  • Grapefruit peeling mask (skin perfecting);
  • Peppermint gum mask (toning);
  • Oat muesli mask (soothing);
  • Acai soothie mask (anti-pollution);

My opinion about mask by Sephora

The masks by Sephora I tried are the green one, hemp mousse mask, and the yellow one, the banana butter mask.

The first was made with extracts of hemp of natural origin that have the purpose of abstracting the pores of the skin, also absorbing excess sebum. In this way, the imperfections of the skin are reduced as well as that classic “luminous” effect given by the excess of sebum production. Applying it and keeping it in place I immediately felt a sensation of freshness: after that I removed the mask by washing the face with warm water and using a cotton pad to remove the mask residues. Once removed the skin appears soft and slightly red on the cheeks: the advice for oily skin, but not for those with sensitive skin. Alternatively, it can be used in specific areas, excluding the cheeks!

As for the banana mask by Sephora, instead, I immediately noticed the different texture and the strong scent of banana: unfortunately, almost immediately I felt a slight tingling, therefore, I left a little less pose. However, actually washing my face I noticed a slight redness, especially in the area of the cheeks and chin. Overall, I would suggest the assortment of Sephora’s multi-sensory masks to those who do not have sensitive skin, since – at least the ones I tried – they made my face slightly red. The blush, however, has disappeared very quickly!

If you are a lover of mask, I suggest you to try the Cup o’ coffee by Lush!

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