The new collection Bioré Rosenquarz

The new collection Bioré Rosenquarz + aktivkhole

The German brand Bioré has launched a new collection for skincare of normal to oily skin. This is the Bioré Rosenquarz + aktivkhole collection: you can find purifying cleanser with coal and rose quartz, a scrub and anti-stress clay mask.

Bioré Rosenquarz: remove impurities from your pores

The new Bioré rosenquarz + aktivkohle daily purifying cleanser is perfect for daily cleaning of your face and help you to free pores from impurities. Thanks to its special formulation, it is able to capture dirt twice time more, removing excess sebum and oil from the pores. This is mainly due to the purifying properties of coal which has been associated with rose quartz. Its formula has been tested and is delicate on the skin and above all it is free of oils. To correctly use the Bioré carbon and rose quartz purifying cleanser it will be essential to wet the face, work the product between your hands to create a foam and then massage it on the skin, avoiding the eye area. After this phase, you can move on to washing the alley with plenty of water. You will find this product for sale at the price of around 10 chf (50 ml) at Manor and Coop.

Take care of your skin with Bioré Rosenquarz +aktivkohle

The next two products I’m talking about are a gentle pore refining scrub and anti-stress clay mask: the first will allow you to exfoliate the skin in a gentle way, thanks to the infusion of micro-crystals present inside that eliminate dead skin and impurities present in the pores of the face. This cleaning is to be done at least 2-3 times a week, so that you can benefit from a soft and dirt-free skin. The mask is perfect for those who need to purify the skin in depth: in fact, the properties of the clay are especially suggested for those with normal to oily skin, a bit like all this line. With this pack you will have 4-5 uses at your disposal: just spread it on the skin, leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse!

You can find both products from Manor and Coop at a cost of around 10 francs, in the respective formats of 110 ml and 50 ml. I remind you that in the past I have already used other products of the Bioré Blau Agave collection for combination skin 🙂

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