The new collection Hawaii by OPI

After the beautiful collection 50 shades of grey by OPI, there are a new collection for this Spring Summer 2015: it’s Hawaii by OPI, a new line of nail polishes inspired to the wonderful island of the Pacific.

In this new collection there are more vibrant colors inspired from the nature such ad the green of tropical plants or the incredible red and pink of big flowers and birds and, then, deep blue of ocean.

Hawaii by OPI

In the new collection Hawaii by OPI there are 12 colors perfect to create a beautiful look on your nails. The colors available are:

  • That’s Hula-rious! (mint pastel)
  • My Gecko Does Tricks (green pearl)
  • Do You Take Lei Away? (creamy nude)
  • Is Mai Tai Crooked? (orange)
  • Go With The Lava Flow, (red pearl)
  • Aloha From Opi (creamy coral)
  • Suzi Shops & Island Hops (pink pastel)
  • Just Lanai-ing Around (light violet)
  • Hello Hawaii Ya? (dark purple)
  • This Color’s Making Waves (blue lagoon)
  • Lost My Bikini In Molokini (reef-inspired purple)
  • Pineapples Have Peelings Too! (gold shimmer with multicolor sparkle)


Hawaii Opi Hawaii Opi Hawaii Opi



As usual will not miss even the mini set of nail polishes,  with 4 small by 3.75 ml at a cost of 27.80 CHF, while every single nail polishes 15 ml is sold at a cost of 23.90 CHF. I remind you also that all the colors of the spring summer collection 2015 of Hawaii by OPI are available as well in the proposal Gelcolor, or the colors of OPI gel perfect for hold and shine extra long.

Hawaii by OPI mini set


Hawaii by OPI

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