Wet n Wild in Switzerland: my opinion

Hey girls! Today I’m going to show you of a new brand that entry in Switzerland from few months: it’s Wet n Wild, American brand that offers you a very wide assortment for all women since 1979. In addition to having a long list of products makeup suitable for all races and colors, the brand Wet n Wild is a low cost brand.

Moreover, the brand is known and used by big names who for years have testimonials of Wet n Wild: for example, Fergie one of the voices of the Black Eyed Peas. Nowadays Wet n Wild is one of the most loved makeup brand in America and in the rest of the world will conquered all women!

Wet n Wild makeup

H2O PROOF Wet n Wild

This is the waterproof eyeliner that I’m testing; the color that you can see in the picture is Smoky/Fumèe 883, but there are another there colors. The formulation of this eyeliner is a little bit dry, but you can apply it in easly way.

eyeliner wet n wild


How many times have you put your gloss and find yourself after a short time with no tint on your lips? Surely, it is very annoying, but now there is a product that can solve this problem. This product by Wet n Wild, available in 9 colors color, comes up with a formula without parabens and includes vitamin E. The technology ElastiSilk combines silky pigments and flexible color that moves with the lip. The liquid lip colors by Wet n Wild promotes anti-aging, restoration of the skin, improve metabolism of the lips and balance the natural moisture of the lips.

My colors is  929A Rose to the Occasion, a beautiful pink that it’s a color of this Spring 2015. I want to tell you that its life on the lips is very good!

lipgloss wet n wild


swatch wet n wild


Let’s talk about the lipstick by Wet n Wild, available in 12 colors, and in my case it’s the color 522A Dark Wine that contains within vitamin A and E, aloe vera and moisturizing as a lip balm. The advantage of this product, just like all others, is the convenient price.

lipstick wet n wild


This gloss, enriched with extracts of lotus Indian oil and macadamia nut, offers a brilliant touch to his lips with a great scent. Moreover, contains in its interior antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that go to moisturize and protect the lips. The Glassy Gloss is available in six different colors and I have tested 313A 3,2,1 … Glass-t Off! This kind of gloss is perfect for your lips expecially if you created a dark makeup on your eyes.

glassy gloss wet n wild


The merit of this line of enamel is certainly the speed with which the paint dries on the nail: in addition to this feature, you can not give fail to emphasize that the color is quite opaque, even with only one pass. The line enamels FASTDRY consists of 9 colors colors and I have been able to test the color Orange.

Wet n Wild FastDry

Wet n Wild FastDry



We spend the last product that I tested on my lips: it is a clear gloss, from a particularly delicate taste, that will help to give a touch more light to your lips. After lying on the lips, the lip gloss is not absolutely annoying and especially not sticky! I think I can be perfect well above a lip stick to make a point of light.

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Melody Laurino

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