The new lip balm Nuxe Very Rose

If you are a fan of Nuxe products, you certainly cannot miss one of the latest innovations launched on the market: it is a rose lip balm with vanilla scent, perfect for moisturizing and illuminating.

Nuxe Very Rose is a line that contains natural ingredients and the key one is undoubtedly the rose floral water and, to be precise, damask rose: this balm even comes to have 100% natural ingredients and has a 100% Made formula. in France.

The formula of the new Very Rose lip balm by Nuxe has been enriched with the oily extract of May rose petals, collected in Morocco. This ingredient, rich in fatty acids, allows you to deeply hydrate dry and very dry lips. At the same time, the beeswax and the shea butter allow to soothe and regenerate the lips, thus removing that annoying feeling of tight skin. The pink color is given by a 100% vegetable dye!

Tips for using Nuxe Very Rose conditioner

The texture of this balm is absolutely not sticky and therefore you can apply lipstick almost immediately, so as to keep lips hydrated in the long term.

You can also use this delicious Nuxe lip balm as a night mask for your lips: just add a thicker layer of product, leaving it to act for the whole night. Upon awakening you will notice very soft lips!

The Nuxe Very Rose range

The range of products enriched with rose floral water offers various skin care products in a gentle way. Here I present them to you:

  • Nuxe Very Rose Soothing micellar water 3 in 1 (200 ml 17.80 CHF/ 400 ml 26.65 CHF)
  • Nuxe Very Rose Refresh Toning Mist(200 ml – 14 CHF)
  • Creamy Make-up Remover Milk (200 ml – 16.80 CHF)
  • Delicate Cleansing oil (150 ml – 21.80 CHF)
  • Radiance Peeling Lotion (150 ml – 30 CHF)
  • Ultra-fresh cleaning gel mask (150 ml – 26.45 CHF)
  • Light Cleansing foam (150 ml – 17.80 CHF)

Nuxe Very Rose

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