The women’s razor by Gillette Venus

Shaving hair during the summer – but also the whole year – is very important for every women, especially if you can’t or don’t want to go to use the waxing. For this reason I’m going to show you present the range of Gillette Venus razors!

The range of women’s razor Gilette Venus

You have undoubtedly heard of the Gillette several times, especially for men’s solutions, but there is also a collection dedicated exclusively to women’s sensitive skin. It was born in 2002 with the Gillette Venus assortment.

Starting from June 2021, the Gillette Venus collection has changed its appearance and the products are even more performing. The new packaging, moreover, is plastic-free and is made with entirely recycled and FSC-certified cardboard. The same contains at least 37% recycled material after use after use. On the official Gilette Venus website you can find all the razors offered on the market: if you are wondering which Gilette Venus to choose for hair removal, don’t worry, because today I will present them all to you!

I want to emphasize that I will not tell you which is the best Gillette Venus, but I will tell you which razor I found myself best with. Another important aspect also concerns the Gileltte Venus refills: in fact, in the shops you will be able to find the heads for your Gilette women’s razor, so as not to throw it away once it is unusable. Simply replace the blades and use it for a long time! Some are enriched with lubricating bands that contain vegetable oils, aloe and vitamin E (for the 5-blade models).

Gilette Venus 3 blades

Rasoio Gilette Venus


I start by presenting the Gillette Venus 3-blade razor range: in that case, you can buy the Smooth and Comfortglide Spa Breeze model. Both solutions are inside the new cardboard box – which I have already presented to you before – and are enriched with botanical oils that are enriched to shave the area smoothly.

Let’s start by talking about the classic Gillette Venus Smooth razor, which has a 30% handle made with recycled plastic. It is definitely the basic solution of the Gillette range for women and has the head that can be replaced to replace the blades. Inside the package, moreover, you will also find a spare blade, in addition to that of the razor itself! In the same line you will also find Gillette Venus Smooth Sensitive: this has been designed for a close shave without irritation.

The cost of this razor is 12.60 CHF!

The next Gillette Venus that I’m going to show you is Comfortglide Spa Breeze: how is it used? It has a flexible handle and a moisturizing gel bar that gives a touch of botanical oil to the skin, making the shave pleasant and smooth. Inside the package, moreover, you will always find two heads sealed and ready to be mounted on the ergonomic handle. Also in this case, the three blades of the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze can be easily replaced thanks to the refills found on sale in stores.

The cost of this razor is 15.90 CHF!

Gillette Venus Rasoio

Gilette Venus 5 blades

Rasoio Gilette Venus

The next blades I’m talking about are those that have 5 blades and which, consequently, are even more successful in eliminating unwanted hair. In this Gillette Venus selection for women there are several proposals including the ones I have.

The first razor I’m talking about is Gillette Venus Swirl, which you find in the purple box: this product comes with 5 blades with adamantine carbon coating, a material that allows you to efficiently cut the hair. lubricating bands that allow you to shave without incurring annoying cuts. Another advantage of this razor signed by Gillette Venus is the Flexiball that allows it to adapt perfectly to the curves of our body. Inside the box there is also a replacement blade.

The cost of this razor is around 17.50 CHF!

We end by talking about the Gillette Venus Comfortglide Sugarberry razor which has a platinum handle, with two moisturizing bars and a lubricated strip enriched with vitamin E for greater smoothness during hair removal. I always remind you that this package is also made with 100% recyclable packaging, of which 40% made of recycled material.

The cost of this Gillette Venus Comfortglide Sugarberry razor is 17.50 CHF!

Gillette Venus Snap Extra Smooth

Rasoio Gilette Venus

For this razor, the Gillette Venus Snap Extra Smooth, I wanted to dedicate a whole paragraph since I think it is a real ally for travel: the razor, in fact, has very small dimensions and is inside a small plastic case, pitted at the bottom. The small size makes this razor a product that, in my opinion, cannot be missing in the suitcase.

Of course, it is certainly not as comfortable as a classic hair removal razor: the handle is decidedly short, but the ergonomic handle allows you to manipulate the razor with ease. It has also been designed with 5 blades and you can also find Gillette Venus women’s refills on sale to use it as you prefer.

If you are looking for real reviews on this Gillette Venus razor I can tell you that I found myself really well: I took it with me during the beach holidays for the quick hair removal of legs, armpits and groin. The razor cuts hair perfectly, leaving no cuts or irritation on the skin. The only flaw I found during hair removal concerns the slightly more problematic areas, since with a short handle it is not exactly easy. In any case, being a “space saving” solution, this is bearable!

Wondering how long does Gillette Venus Snap Extra Smooth last? The answer depends on how much you need to shave: it is obvious that the more you shave, the cutting efficiency will gradually decrease. However, refills for women’s razors are also on sale!

The cost of this razor is around 13 CHF!

Rasoio Gilette Venus


Shavin Gel Satin Care Gillette Sensitive Avocato Twist

After having talked to you about all the types of Gillette Venus razors, I would also like to introduce you to the Shaving gel for female: just like in the case of the one for men, this product has been formulated to not irritate the skin and facilitate hair removal.

Satin Care Gillette shaving gel is a gel dedicated specifically for the most sensitive skin: the formula with avocado oil and scented with aloe, jasmine and rose protects against carat cuts and is very comfortable even for its small size (200 ml).

Wondering how to use Gillette’s Satin Care? You must first wet the skin and then proceed with the application of the hair removal gel which, in contact with the water, generates a nice mousse. At this point, you are ready to shave with a razor and then you can rinse everything off with warm water.

You can find, of course, Satin Care Gel for hair removal on Amazon, but if you are shopping at Migros you can buy it for around 3.95 CHF. If you are in Italy, instead you can buy Gillette Satine Care products from Acqua e Sapone, but also at the supermarket like Esselunga.

Now that you know my reviews on the Gillette Venus and Satin Care razors, you are ready to try them!

Rasoio Gilette Venus

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