The new Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette by Fenty Beauty

Rihanna launched one month ago a wonderful collection of palettes: I am talking about the Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette. These are six new palettes that contain 6 colors within them that have a history: in fact, every single palette has been named to relate to something, such as pastel colors, those for smokey, those taken from the world of pink etc. The pallets can be used alone, but also combined with each other, so much so that you can even fix them together, thanks to the interlocking technology placed on the back of the packaging.

Snap Shadows Palette Fenty Beauty

The new palette by Fenty Beauty signed by Rihanna

I have been tried the palette nr. 1 and 2, True Neutrals and Cool Neutrals, but I can tell you that also the like palette are so beautiful like the number 4 Rose… it would be nice to have all collection of Fenty Beauty’s palette 😀 ahahha

Here are the photos of the palette and their respective names:

  • 1 – True Neutrals (Nookie Rookie, Simma Down, Tequila Nite, Velvet Cuffs, Cumin Get it, Affogato);
  • 2 – Cool Neutrals (U There?, Wife it Up, Risky Richez, Uppacla$$, Hey Aunty, Gettin’toasty)
  • 3 – Deep Neutrals (Nudy Booty, Heaven Cent, Smash or Pass, Shots Fired, No Fudge Given)
  • 4 – Rose (Sleepova, Lil Miss, Stunt Queen, $ugashock, Spice Trip, Diva Feva)
  • 5 – Peach (Bellini Baby, Churro, Hi Pumpkin, Peach Me, Buttarum, Shoot Ur Shot)
  • 6 – Smoky (That Deep?, Chestnutz, You up?, Second Date, Patti Cakez, Tan Linez)
  • 7 – Cadet (Money Mi$$ion, Take Cover, Glammo Camo, Phatigue, She Salute, Good Cookie)
  • 8 – Pastel Frost (Muva’s Boy, Mula-la,Lei’d Up, Ice Cream Kisses, Lady Pimp, Durty Denim)


My opinion about Snap palette by Fenty Beauty

As I told you before, I am testing two palettes of the entire collection and I can already give you my first impressions. The colors write well enough and I haven’t noticed any fall-outs. You can easily apply them with your fingers or blend directly with a good brush (I suggest you take a look also at the collection of brushes by Fenty Beauty if you are eager to try something new). I find the packaging robust enough and I like the idea of ​​being able to “stick” two palettes together, so that we can find them immediately inside our bag. A mirror has been inserted inside the palette, ideal if we are around to check if the makeup is always perfect. I suggest you apply a good primer before using these eyeshadows, so that you can extend the life of your makeup.

Inside my palettes there are opaque colors, but also glitter and sparkling nuances! As you can see, however, the other palettes have also been mixed to offer different shades, but still perfect for a make-up. The only exception is with the palette number 8 Pastel Frost which offers only glittery colors, therefore to be mixed together with another palette, in my opinion.

You can find the product for sale in Switzerland, at 33.50 CHF, and in Italy at 25 € for one palette and the pair 45 € at Sephora, but also on the official website of You have already tried some Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette of Fenty Beauty?

Condividi ciò che ti piace :)
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