The products Puressentiel Resp Ok

in cases of sinusitis. Discover with me two products that might be right for you: the Roller Sinus Express roller and Sinus Express tablets.

Roller Sinus Express

Puressentiel’s Resp Ok roller immediately gives a pleasant sensation in the congested area: this is possible thanks to the massaging sphere and the herbal mix that immediately refreshes. The formula of this product is 99.7% natural and has been enriched with 6 organic essential oils, namely eucalyptus globulus, peppermint, epic lavender, niaouli, black spruce and marjoram.

Thanks to this selection of essential oils, a targeted message can be carried out that relieves the sensitive sinus areas, helping you to breathe better. In addition, this product is also designed for sensitive skin and does not leave an oily, sticky feeling on the skin. The use of this product is also recommended for young people from the age of 10.

For application, I suggest you take advantage of the ball by passing the roller over the eyebrows, on the cheekbones and on the side of the nose.

Sinus Express Tablets

Puressentiel Resp Ok

These tablets by the Resp OK range by Puressentiel are prepared with a phyto-aromatherapeutic formula that supports the respiratory function and facilitates breathing. You can perceive a balsamic effect and immediate well-being for your nose.

The product is designed with four organic essential oils (Eucalyptus globulus, Peppermint, Lemon, Sweet Orange) plus three plant extracts (Scots Pine, Ribwort Plantain and Smelly Primrose). They contain no preservatives, no colouring agents and no gluten. What’s more, they are vegan!

You can take 3 tablets a day for up to 5 days, but obviously these are supplements that should not replace a good, rich diet.

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