World Cup Brazil 2014: the eyewear by Adidas

Dear friends of blog, within a month the Fifa World Cup will begin and to live it in the best way, we decided to present you a colourful accessory as the Adidas kumacross eyewear in the Brazilian special edition.

As all the sunglasses by Adidas, the Brazilian Fifa World Cup version of the kumacross too will be made by the Austrian company Silhouette International.


The kumacross sunglasses are made with SPX, a super polyamide, that made them strong and warm resistant, however they are light weight sunglasses. You have also to remember that the chopsticks have detachable hinges to avoid the risk to break the glasses.

The lenses are made with LST which protects in the best way the eyes from the UV, and assure you also a perfect view with an intense sunlight: you can also insert normal glasses lenses in the Adidas kumacross sunglasses.

The Adidas sunglasses dedicated to the Fifa World Cup are available green, white or black in the optician shops and sports stores at he price of 149 CHF.

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