Dual-Intensity Blush, the new blush by Nars Cosmetics

During the Spring 2015 Nars Cosmetics launches the new Dual-Intensity Blush. It is a product technology by Translucent Prismatic Nars which is able to offer a multi-dimensional effect due to its rich texture and at the same time lightweight.

Nars Cosmetics offers us six modern colors with this new blush and these colors selected by François Nars. The new Dual-Intensity Blush by Nars Cosmetics can be used wet and dry mode: with the dry variant you have a transparent colors while the other, wet variant, you can have an effect like watercolor.

The packaging comes with a square case and soft to the touch, complete with a magnetic closure and a sublime duo of colors.

Available from April 2015

Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush, environ CHF 60.- Dual-Intensity Blush, environ CHF 67.-

Dual Intensity Blush Nars Cosmetics

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