I am Natural Cosmetics launches the hand cream at Migros

If there’s one thing I hate are absolutely hands ruined during the winter; Unfortunately, with the cold my hands tend to spoil quickly, and also appear well of annoying nicks. Precisely for this reason, I decided to tell you about a hand cream by Migros I received recently: it’s the hand cream by Migros of line I am Natural Cosmetics, namely those products that have within them some natural ingredients.

The cream comes in a handy bottle of 75 ml and, as mentioned, has an internal biological extract of marigold and mango butter, which helps to moisturize thoroughly. In the scent of this cream Migros is also possible to see the scent of the orange.

Another interesting thing about this product is that you can definitely use well for nails! In this way, you have two products in one, you can certainly take with you everywhere – even on the stock exchange – to put it when you need it most. As usual I am Natural Cosmetics products are distinguished by their very advantageous price, so if you are at Migros search it. An hand cream by Migros is always helpful!

Crema Mani Migros


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