Happy Birthday Maybelline New York!

One of the best known brands in the world of makeup prepares to celebrate 100 years: indeed, 15th May 2015 will be birthday of Maybelline New York. The brand, considered one of the most loved by women in Switzerland (according to data collected by Ipsos Study, Globe Study Switzerland 2014), is best known today for its great innovations, but also for its ability to break the codes and daring, without forget the needs of women.

The history of Maybelline New York start in 1950 when Mabel Williams mingled coal dust with Vaseline to beautify her her eyelashes and eyebrows. The young woman used this strategy to capture the attention of her man with her magnetic eyes; her brother pharmacist, then, was able to invent the first beauty product called “Lash-Brow-Ine.”

Maybelline New York Maybelline New York

From this moment started the birth of the company Maybell Laboratorie in Chicago. Two years later, Williams launched Maybelline (contraction of Mabel and Vaseline, the famous name in 1920), a product to darken eyelashes.

In subsequent years, Maybelline New York coming up with innovations and in 1950, launched the first mascara “automatic” for the consumer market, a product with brush spiral. Nothing stops Maybelline products that still offers us more and more interesting!

During these celebrations Maybelline will offer 100 products for 100 days with a “Click & Win” on the site maybelline.ch

Maybelline New York

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