It’s the right time to cook

Dear followers , today I want to talk about my other passion: it is cooking! I’m a lover of the kitchen, I like to cook and eat, and then as soon as I go in the kitchen to try some dishes, especially the desserts . The only problem  is my lactose intolerance that is a milk protein which unfortunately is present in many foods.

However, it is not so serious and sometimes I try some traditional meal where there is lactose . But what are the favorite food ? As I told you I love sweets and my favorite dessert is tiramisù and then pasta with cream and ham , spaghetti with clams , fried fish and pizza with buffalo milk mozzarella.

From today I’m going to show you some delicious recipes, products that I have tested and also give you some advice regarding the lactose-intolerant . Have fun on GlamChicBold!

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