Migros: Zoé Effect and Zoé Lift

Today I present two new lines present by Migros and designed for two age groups precise: the line Zoé Effect from 30 years and older and the line Zoé Lift aged 40 years and older. These products are specifically designed to take care of the skin and prevent the signs of aging. But we analyze in detail the two products!

Zoé Effect Anti-Aging Day Cream

Zoé Effect
Zoé Effect

The new innovative line Zoé Effect for women age 30 and older is designed to combat the first signs of skin aging and, moreover, makes the skin smooth. All products in this line are based on technology PhytoCellTec that contains active substances from plant stem cells that are able to protect the viability of stem cells cutanere and prevent aging of the skin due to aging and light.

The active substance PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica is extracted directly from the Swiss apple discovery Uttwiler Spätlauber; the latter is rich in phytosubstances nutrients that are able to maintain the fresh fruit long. The new Zoé Effect Day Cream SPF 15 contains within it the substance Myramaze derived from South African resurrection plant, which is capable of protecting the skin from dryness stabilizing the best moisture barrier. In this way the dry skin is rehydrated and reinforced!

Thanks to its formula enriched with Ultra Filling Spheres, the wrinkles are smoothed and the skin appears smoother. The protective filter with IP 15 also reduces the effects of UV rays. The cost of this product (50 ml) is 22.40 CHF.

Zoé Lift Serum

Zoé Lift Migros
Zoé Lift

Moving on to the line Zoé Lift, predestined for skin care at the age of 40 up. Thanks to its formulation it is possible to mitigate in a visible signs of skin aging, but also firm the skin and reduce the depth of wrinkles. All products of the Zoé Lift by Migros are based on technology PhytoCellTech with active substances from plant stem cells that are able to protect the vitality of skin stem cells and prevent aging because of the light.

Zoé Lift includes 5 products in its line, two day creams, a night cream, a cream for the eye and the serum, which we’ll talk today. Serum Zoé Lift Migros comes in a bottle of 30 ml with practical dosing pump and contains a substance effective for firming the formula immediately, getting a lifting effect. In addition, you can moisturize deeply to skin, illuminating it and laying it more. You can buy this product at a cost of 26.50 CHF.

Zoé LiftMigros
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