The new Listerine Advanced White mouthwash

Since June you find available in all Coop, pharmacies and grocery stores, the new Listerine mouthwash for teeth: I am speaking of the Listerine Advanced White, product designed to whiten our teeth and, at the same time, take care.

The essential oils contained in it are effective because they reduce plaque bacteria, and thus facilitate the cleaning of the surface of the teeth. That’s not all, since it is considered a non-abrasive cleaner thanks to technology whitening Whitening technology that prevents discoloration of the teeth, with visible results in just two weeks.

The formula of the new Advanced Listerine mouthwash White contains polyphosphates that attivono a real and effective protective shield to prevent their discoloration of the teeth, while that fluoride strengthens the enamel of the teeth. In terms of taste I can tell you it is really fresh in the mouth, but for my taste is a tad forms. I definitely like more mouthwash Listerine Total Care.

The product is contained within a plastic bottle by the capacity of 500 ml and is on sale at a cost of about 7.20 CHF.

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