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Among the services I often use there is that of the Brow Bar Benefit of Sephora: I go to the station located in Lugano, even if in reality I have already tried the Brow Bar Benefit Sephora in Milan, on the occasion of some press event. Benefit is recognized as a worldwide reference point for eyebrows and their transformation. They have been working in this sector since 1976 to make our eyebrows more beautiful and better frame the look.

Today I will deals with you about my experience with the Brow Bar Benefit Cosmetics!

Brow Bar Benefit: my experience

I have used many times to the Sephora Brow Bar by Benefit service in Lugano with Arianna – the brow expert – and I like so much the service and welcome that I receive every time. I have often had the opportunity to do the eyebrows even without a reservation, but I suggest you always book your appointment: in this way, you don’t go to Sephora in vain (even if in reality there is always a good reason to go to Sephora :-D)

The Benefit beauty service lasts about 20-30 minutes!

Servizio Brow Bar Benefit

Arianna cleans the skin of any residues of make-up or other products, so that it can work well. Before carrying out the actual eyebrow epilation, she Arianna she performs the brow mapping: in this way she can make small marks on the skin to define the beginning, the arch and the end of the eyebrows. After passing some petroleum jelly into the areas where she will need to color, the area is ready to be treated with the right color. Arianna explained to me that it is a vegetable color.

The eyebrow dye used by the brow expert Arianna allows you to obtain a full effect by coloring even the finest hairs. The skin underneath does not remain dirty and the eyebrows seem to be already made up! The eyebrow dye lasts approximately 3-4 weeks and is available in different color shades to get the color as close as possible to that of your hair. I chose the color closest to mine, precisely because I don’t like a darker effect. At this point, when the eyebrows are defined, you can move on to the eyebrow dyeing phase.

Servizio Brow Bar Benefit Lugano

Once this is done, it will be time to prepare the wax for the elimination of unwanted hair. The wax used by Benefit is one exclusively designed for the face: in this way, irritation is not created due to the ingredients contained in the product. Anyway, Arianna took action with the wax, applied with a disposable wooden stick, and the small depilatory strip. Once this phase is finished, she will go to define everything with tweezers, in case there was some hair escaped from the waxing.

Now that you know in detail how the Benefit Brow Bar service works, you can book your appointment in one of the Lounge Bar in Switzerland or Italy.

Brow Bar Benefit: Price

Let’s move on to another important aspect for those who want to take advantage of the Benefit service of Brow Bar in Lugano, namely the cost of each individual waxing or hair removal service. Below, I leave you the list of services with their respective prices:

  • Eyebrow hair removal 40 CHF
  • Eyebrow epilation with tweezers 40 CHF
  • Eyebrow tint 30 CHF
  • Lip epilation 28 CHF
  • Eyebrow and lip epilation 49 CHF
  • Eyebrow and lip dyeing, hair removal 71 CHF
  • False eyelashes 41 CHF

You can find the Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar Lounge in Salita M. and A. Chiattone in Lugano, inside the Manor department store. Arianna will take care of your eyebrows with hair removal services with wax and / or tweezers and dye. Lip hair removal and false eyelash application services are also offered.

Servizio Brow Bar Benefit
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