Let’s enjoy the Summer with Daylong

Also this year I am talking to you about the range of Daylong products that help you to protect the skin during the summer and throughout the year.

The range of Daylong sunscreen

Daylong has a long history in Switzerland: since 1993, in fact, it has been researching and developing solutions that can take care of our skin during the sun exposure during all the season. All products by Daylong are dermatologically tested and characterized by high skin compatibility, so as not to cause any problems to the skin.

Protecting yourself from UV (UVA and UVB) and IR rays is essential for healthy skin! Every day, in fact, by exposing ourselves to the sun we are at risk of developing damage to the skin; moreover, the sun exposure without the necessary protection go to the premature aging of the skin.

Here you can see all the range of sunscreen by Daylong:

  • Daylong Protect & Care (for normal to sensitive skin)
  • Daylong Sensive (for skin sensitive to the sun and be subject to sun allergies, for oily skin)
  • Daylong Kids (for skin sensitive to the sun and be subject to sun allergies, for oily skin)
  • Daylong Sport (suitable for normal to hypersensitive skin)
  • Daylong AfterSun (for all skin types).

It is possible to buy the products in different formats and with different types of protections, from SPF 25 to 50+. Daylong products have no fragrance and spread easily on the skin.

Currently, I am using SPF 50+ light cream-gel and 50+ face fluid, both from the Sensitive line. I am very happy with applying the products and I also find the format of the face product interesting, since it has a dispensing pump that allows you to better balance the dose of cream.

Remember, of course, to apply the cream several times a day, using the right amount of cream: 2 milligrams of product per square centimeter of skin. So this is 4 grams of face cream and 30 grams of body cream in an adult person of average build.


The new Sun To Go by Daylong

As I have already said, Daylong produce a lot of different type of sunscreen: for this reason, the assortment of solar products is getting richer. This year, one of the innovations proposed by the Swiss brand is Sun To Go by Daylong.

It is a cream stick with SPF 50+ suitable for normal to sensitive skin; it is perfect to use for the protection of the face and lips, protecting the most sensitive areas of the face. The great water resistance and the practicality of the stick make this product ideal not only for days on the beach, but also during a day in the city.

Furthermore, this product is also resistant to sweat and is fragrance-free. You can easily apply it on cheeks, lips, nose and ears (we often forget them!), even over 1 year for baby. Sun To Go by Daylong is also recommended in the mountains, for all winter sports enthusiasts.

Now that you know the range of Daylong products, you are ready to choose the ones that are most suitable for you, to protect your skin from annoying burns, blemishes or, even worse, from the possible appearance of skin cancers, such as melanomas which are very dangerous.

You can buy all the solar products of the Daylong brand in pharmacies, Manor, Coop, Coop Vitality and Amavita, microspot.ch



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