Double cleansing by Erborian

A trend that is emerging in the last year for skincare is double cleansing, a korean ritual that consists of cleansing the face with two different cleansers: one in oily texture and the other one in foaming texture. Today I’m going to show you the double cleansing by Erborian.

I remind you that these are vegan products and with eco-sustainable packaging or with ingredients obtained from responsible sources!

My opinion about the korean ritual of double cleansing by Erborian

Before introducing these products and giving you my opinion, I want to emphasize that the double cleansing is Korean ritual: in fact, it is the women from Korea who have started to take care of the skin in this way.

The products used for facial cleansing are two, both characterized by a formula enriched with centella asiatica. It is a very important ingredient for Korean products and we commonly find in many cosmetics for skin care. The “Tiger grass” or centella has a soothing power and Erborian has chosen this ingredient to offer us a great benefits to the skin and at the same time a good cleansing.

The first step of the double cleansing help you to eliminate impurities, excess sebum and moisturize the skin, making it smooth. For this product characterized by the cleansing oil texture there are ingredients with great properties:

  • Centella asiatica and BisaboLife extract with soothing properties;
  • sweet almond oil with nourishing properties;
  • sunflower oil with moisturizing properties.

Doppia detersione Erborian Centella

This oil removes makeup from all parts of the face in very easily way and leaves the skin pleasantly clean once it is removed. The texture is very light and as soon as it comes into contact with the water it transforms becoming milky texture. Once washed, the face is absolutely not greasy (I have combination and sensitive skin).

The second phase of the Korean double cleansing with Erborian products involves the use of the delicate cleansing gel that further cleans the skin and offers us a soothing effect, thanks to the centella.

By dosing two drops on the palm of your hand and then emulsifying it with the other hand, you can lather your face well, creating a delicate foam, which does not pinch on the face and eyes.

In my opinion they are the best double cleansing products tried in my life and I was really very satisfied! The benefits of double cleansing are evident: removing all the dirt that accumulates on the skin during the day, but also taking care of it. If you have the opportunity to try double cleansing I suggest you these products recommended in the Korean beauty ritual.

Finally, I remind you that the double cleansing for sensitive, dry, combination skin or skin characterized by acne is perfect: in fact, this skincare with korean ritual is recommended for all skin types. I personally have the habit of double cleansing my face when I have heavier and more complicated make-up to remove at the end of the day.

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Melody Laurino

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