Mother’s Day 2021 Lush Collection

Mother’s Day is coming…If you are curious to discover the new limited collection by Lush, you are on the right page of my blog! After showed you the Lush Easter 2021 collection, now it’s the right time to discover the new products for this special day.

Bath Bomb Rose Gold Lush

Rose Gold Lush

Among the Lush products on sale for Mother’s Day 2021 there is this wonderful bath bomb that will make the bathroom sparkle the same color as the sunset. The bath bomb has been enriched with beautiful designs that seem to bring to mind a field of flowers. The formula of this bath bomb has been enriched with white iris root powder, sodium alginate to moisturize the skin and benzoin resin with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Just throw your bath bomb into the bath water so that it melts and fill it with violet-colored and scented water.

Bath Bomb Atom Heart Mother Lush

Atom Heart Mother Lush

Another Lush bath bomb that I find absolutely fresh for its colors is Atom Heart Mother: your bathtub will be colored by sky blue and will smells good with notes of bergamot, neroli and Brazilian orange. You will benefit from the absolute essence of Damask rose that tones the skin, but also from the essential oil of Brazilian orange with antidepressant properties and then the essential oil of neroli to soothe the skin. Also this bath bomb for Mother’s Day 2021, you can dip it in your tub and simply melt it to create a relaxing bath.

Bath Bomb Mother of Pearl Lush

Mother of Pearl Lush

If of all the Lush products you were struck by this bath bomb, I can understand you: it looks like a real pearl! This jewel will transform your bathtub into a luxurious corner of relaxation, where notes of vanilla and ylang ylang will keep you company. Inside the formula of this Lush bath bomb has been inserted soy flour and rice starch, with emollient and soothing properties, borage oils, hibiscus seeds and rose hips that make the skin more elastic. If you throw it into water, it will dissolve immediately, making the water pearlescent. Remember, if you don’t use your bath bomb for Mother’s Day right away, keep it dry and cool!

Bubble Bar Jasmin Cream Lush

Let’s move on to analyze other products by Lush: the bubble bar, always, is ideal for those who have a bathtub. This product in the shape of a white flower is really great: think that it will allow you to take a moisturizing and creamy bath, enveloping you in foam like a princess. The Jasmin Cream Lush formula is enriched with rice starch that makes your bath creamy and soothing, absolute essence of jasmine and benzoin resin with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. To use this bath sparkling wine, crumble a little of the product under running water.

Jasmin Cream Violet Cream Lush

Bubble Bar Violet Cream Lush

Moving on to other solid products from Lush there is the Violet Cream bubble bar which will color the water lilac. This product for Mother’s Day 2021 is enriched with violet leaves with antibacterial and antiseptic properties, absolute essence of rose and corn starch. Just crumble some of the product under water to transform your bathroom into a flowery field.

Shower Scrub Mamma Mia Lush

Mamma Mia Lush

Let’s finish the list of Lush products with a shower scrub called Mamma Mia. Thanks to this all pink product you can cleanse the skin and perform a light exfoliation of the skin. Within its formula we find the refreshing pink grapefruit and hymalaya salt to eliminate dead skin cells; there is also an encore of wonderful scents of bergamot and vanilla that will make your shower truly wonderful. In addition to the ingredients listed above, remember that there is also fair trade organic cocoa butter which gives the product a moisturizing action.

Festa della mamma 2021 - Mamma Mia Lush

I remind you that there are also gift boxes that allow you to give a package full of fragrant Lush products for a wonderful and relaxing moment in your bathroom. Among the cadeau for this Mother’s Day 2021 there are:

  • Mum
  • You’re the best
  • Happy Mother’s Day

Mum Lush

Thank you Lush

Happy Mother's Day 2021

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