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Today I’m going to speak about the Irish brand Vita Liberata, that you can found exclusively at Sephora: it is a line of self-tanning and skin care. The ingredients of this products are natural and free of harmful substances to the skin, such as alcohol and parabens. Thanks to this peculiarity, Vita Liberata is perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin, since it does not cause any side effect.

Vita Liberata product isodor-free and the phenomenal technology that provides up to 2-3 weeks of tanning.

I could feel my skin on three products: the mousse bronzer Vita Liberata phenomenal, Vita Liberata Luxury Tan and, finally, Vita Liberata for Deep Face. Let’s go to discover more about these products and their application thanks to the practical glove.

Vita Liberata phenomenal mousse self-tanner

Vita Liberata Autoabbronzante

Vita Liberata Autoabbronzante

The first product tested is Vita Liberata Phenomenal, a tanning mousse characterized by technology lock moisture to hydrate the skin and keep it always soft, not greasy or sticky. This peculiarity I could see on my skin, when applied the product that is quickly absorbed on the skin.

Before applying this product are advised to make a scrub on your skin, so clean it from old cells, and have the skin smooth and soft. Applying three spray of product for each area of ​​the body you can achieve the desired result. I warn you only the fact of drawing attention with the light mousse and also roll out just a thin layer of moisturizer in the driest areas of the body (knees, elbows, but also hands). I have noticed that since the skin on the hands a bit ‘dry and not having spread the cream in this area seemed slightly dry (but in this case I wans’t a good girl because it is just reported to be more parsimonious in this area … so read carefully the istruction before applying the product on skin). Pay attention!

I recommend you use the glove to apply the product, with circular movements, so as not macchiarvi hands. Another observation is that the product slightly stain clothes: I have noticed with the white vest, but only in this area. However, the color on my skin lasted about two weeks, but I think that little by little with the different color goes showers clearing.

The bottle contains 125 ml Vita Liberata phenomenal product and must be consumed within 6 months from the time of its opening. You can buy this product at a cost of 40.50 euro and the glove at 6 €.

Vita Liberata Luxury Tan

Vita Liberata Autoabbronzante

Let’s go to discover the next product that is the night moisturizing self-tanner mask that I received in the mini size of 10 ml, but that you will find in the store in the full size of 65 ml at a cost of 35.50 euro. This product uses technology HyH2OTM that is able to make more beautiful skin, hydrated and shiny already in the morning, exploiting the benefits of the formulation that acts overnight aging.

This product is white in color and has a very silky texture. Consistently using this product you will notice a more elastic, toned and radiant. Sleeping mask for Life Freed also contains vitamin A, C and D and is able to counter well as the effects resulting from free radicals, while that the apple reduces the visibility of wrinkles.

Vita Liberata Deep for Face

Vita Liberata Autoabbronzante

The last product is for your face. This tan gel, that you can find at a cost of 25 euro for the size 100 ml (I have received in a format test of 30 ml, is colorless and gives an immediate tan on the skin of our face. When you spread the product on your face you will definitely notice that this has no smell, but mostly it is odorless. it is easy to spread and especially does not leave traces of grease on the skin, which is very important for me because I already have an oily skin in the T zone.

Vita Liberata autoabbronzante


Vita Liberata Autubbronzante


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