Photoderm Duo stick SPF 50 + by Bioderma

Protecting the skin in the right way is important: today I present you with Bioderma’s Photoderm Duo stick SPF 50+, a stick that you can carry on with you in your purse and use frequently on sunny days, even in the mountains.

This product, which is paraben-free, can be used to protect the skin of the face and lips: in this way, protection even at high altitude is guaranteed. The protection offered by this product is equal to 50+, so as to make its protective effect: remember, in fact, that for the first exposures, but also for those with more delicate skin, it is essential to select the right degree of protection .

Another positive aspect of this product is its dispenser: as you can see, in fact, it has been equipped with a ball which, by rotating, allows you to apply the product flawlessly. The perfume is delicate, therefore, when you apply the product on the skin you can perceive it; however, the texture is very light and therefore it will not be a problem!

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