The revitalasing detoxing mask by Resultime

Resultime launched on the market the first anti-aging mask that takes care of the collagen of our skin, preserving it from the aggressions of stress, pollution and tiredness. In this way, the skin gets rid of toxins and also neutralizes free radicals, leaving the skin clean and smooth.

Inside this Resultime revitalizing anti-aging detoxifying mask we find activated black carbon which is associated with polyphenols. In this way, the ingredient in question is able to capture dirt, facilitating its elimination.

This mask is recommended for all skin types and preserves its youth also thanks to the formula enriched with exfoliating black powder. The mask, inside, contains a gel in black oil, with a woody scent.

You can apply the mask for 5 minutes to catch dirt and impurities; after that, massage for 2 minutes for the exfoliating effect. At this point the gel will turn into oil and the micro granules of volcanic black sand will help you obtain the smoothest grain of the skin, stimulating the micro circulation. Then you can wash your face thoroughly!

You can purchase Resultime’s revitalizing anti-aging detoxifying mask for 47 CHF (50 ml).

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