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L’Occitane launches a new program of 28 days called Divine Soin Intensif that accompanying the circle of skin in four  times, so you can find the natural rhythms of rigeneration of your skin. As I just mentioned, it is a program that is designed to be played during a month, since inside the box of the Divine Soin Intensif L’Occitane there are well 4 series of products, perfect for skin subjected to physical stress and environmental.

Divin Soin Intensif Occitane

1  -Soft Peeling

The skin gets rid of dead skin cells that clog the pores and the essential oils of Mastic promotes exfoliation, supporting the process of cell renewal.

2 -Hydration & Nutrition

This phase of treatment helps to reinforce the new cells with the combination of four vegetable oils and essential oil of Cistus that nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

3 -Equilibre

Contributes to the welfare of the skin and prepares it to the beneficial effects of rejuvenation of the last phase. The oil of myrtle and rosemary contribute to the welfare of the skin.

4 – Renovation

You can adjust the brightness and uniformity of the skin due to the combination of essential oils of carrot, cypress and Immortelle, fighting the signs of age.

You can buy the program Divin Soin Intensif 28 days by L’Occitane at the cost of 150 CHF and will be available from 20th February 2015, while in Italy from 4th March 2015!

Divin Soin Intensif Occitane

Divin Soin Intensif Occitane

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