The Body Shop: palette Frosted Pastels e Dolly Pastels

Today I’m going to speak about two delightful palette launched on the occasion of Christmas from The Body Shop, but still found on the official website discounted about 50%. These are the two palettes Frosted Pastels and Dolly Pastels by The Body Shop, two cute makeup palette for eyes, both in trendy colors, but that I was slightly disappointed. As you can see, both palettes have a lovely packaging, that is made of cardboard and, moreover, are also equipped with a small mirror that we can bring in your bag for any time.

The Body Shop Frosted Pastels e Dolly Pastels
The Body Shop Natale
The Body Shop Natale

The colors, unfortunately, aren’t writer, but still very bright so much so that will appear on your eyes with a lot of glitter with color you notice in your palette. In both palettes of The Body Shop there are four colors from 1.8 grams  which can be used not only to color the eyelid, but also to illuminate for the eyebrows and the interior of the eyes. In both palettes, in addition, there are 3 colors shimmer and one matte that will help you create a line to root of the lashes; of course, as you can well imagine these are the darker colors, although the  black of the Frosted Pastels contains glitter while the taupe does not contain them.

For my taste, the one I liked most is Dolly Pastel and was curious to try it if you can take it with a good discount!

The Body Shop Natale

This review, however, doesn’t finish with these two palettes, but I take this opportunity also to talk about the Scintillant eyeliner and lip gloss/blush by The Body Shop. Let’s talk about the eyeliner: I must say I’m not very good to putt it on my eyes, but with this type of product I able to give a touch more light to your makeup. The product in question is presented in a handy little bottle of 3 ml of the product and with a brush that is flexible to the right place: you can just dip it and draw a line above the eye pencil already arranged to get a beauteous illuminated! Although this product can be found still on sale at a cost of 19.90 CHF, and is also one of the Best Seller of The Body Shop.

The Body Shop Natale
The Body Shop Natale

The last product by The Body Shop is the 2 in 1 products: it is a tint lips which, however, can be used as well as liquid blush. I appreciate it just as blush because I could not evenly spread on my lips (perhaps the brush is too small?); however, despite the hue apparently looks like a fiery red, will give a nice touch of color on the cheeks healthy. To apply the product I recommend to use 2-3 drops of blush and then work it quickly with a larger brush for blush. I don’t know if it is still available, but its cost is 29.90 CHF and I recommend you try it just as blush.

Here is the video of the makeup that I made with most of these products The Body Shop!

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