Review shower gel Hot Toddy by Lush

Today I’m going to speak about a limited edition product by Lush…I know I’m an eternal laggard, but I want to speak about this shower gel by Lush called Hot Toddy. It’s perfect shower gel for the Christmas and not only for that time, expecially if you love the spicy scent; I want tell you that I’m not a good lover of spicy scent – for example, I hate the famous mulled wine – but I’m falled in love for this Hot Toddy by Lush.

In its scent you can smell the scent of cinnamon, ginger and leaf by Eugenia caryophyllata (from this plant you can obtain the cloves) and in the bottle you can see the red shower gel with many gold glitter, depositaded in the bottom of bottle. At moment, I dind’t finish all my showe gel by Lush so I don’t know if with the last shower you find glitter on your skins such as a Chirstmas ball XD

In any way, I want advice and tell you that if you find the last bottle of Hot Toddy by Lush, buy it! This shower gel by Lush was available in different size, but mine is of 100 grams of shower gel. Did you already try this product by Lush?

Gel doccia Hot Toddy Lush

Gel doccia Hot Toddy Lush


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