The new limited edition Smoky Poppy by The Body Shop for Valentine’s Day

Let’s start with a special preview signed by The Body Shop: I’m talking about the new collection Smoky Poppy, a limited edition that you can find in all shop of The Body Shop or in the shop online in February. As you can see, the packaging of Smoky Poppy’s products is so sensual and it based on the red and black colors. On the box you find the design with poppy that marked this line of products.

Smoky Poppy The Body Shop

The new limited edition of Smoky Poppy The Body Shop composed by 7 product for the body care: seed pealing, body butter, shower gel, body lotion, bath bombs, massage oil and eau de toilette. All products are brought together the main ingredient that is the extract of poppy petal handpicked by region Ankara in Turkey. This fragrance is sensual and elegant and you can take it with you every day, but especially during the Valentine’s Day!

Seed pealing 24.90 CHF
body butter 24.90 CHF
shower gel 9.90 CHF
body lotion 19.90 CHF
bath bombs 29.90 CHF
massage oil 24.90 CHF
eau de toilette 24.90 CHF

Bombe da bagno Smoky Poppy The Body Shop

Eau de toilette Smoky Poppy The Body Shop

Peeling The Body Shop

body butte The Body Shop Smoky Poppy

Smoky Poppy The Body Shop

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