Review Big Shampoo and AAA Cercasi by Lush

Today I want to talk about my experience with two hair products by¬†Lush: I’m talking about Big Shampoo and Conditioner AAA Cersarsi, that I¬†used recently on my long hair. My hair is¬†growing well in length and in the last months I my hairs.

Anyway, now I’m going to¬†review the two products by Lush!

Review Big Shampoo Lush

Review Big Shampoo LushLet’s start¬†to talk about¬†the¬†Big¬†Shampoo by Lush¬†and the first thing¬†you¬†have to talk¬†is about its¬†perfume:¬†you have in mind¬†when you are¬†on the rocks¬†near the sea? In¬†this product, you can¬†feel just¬†a breath of¬†ocean,¬†with salt¬†and algae;¬†to complete its¬†formulais also the¬†lemon,¬†which gives¬†more shine¬†to the hair.The texture¬†of this shampoo¬†is¬†very¬†particular: it seems a¬†shampoo¬†between the liquid¬†and¬†the solid state,¬†with¬†many pieces¬†of salt.¬†This shampoo¬†was recommended me¬†because I have oily hair,¬†but it is also¬†perfect¬†for those who have¬†treated hair¬†or who¬†have suffered¬†stress.That’s not all,¬†unlike traditional¬†shampoo¬†designed for¬†oily hair,¬†they don’t¬†flatten¬†my hair,¬†but rather¬†gives¬†greater¬†scrolls.¬†The only drawback,¬†if¬†I may say so,¬†is that¬†the shampoo¬†is inside¬†a jar.¬†If you decide to¬†buy¬†Big¬†Shampoo by Lush,¬†available in jar¬†of 330¬†grams,¬†is on sale¬†at the cost of¬†27.50 CHF.

Review AAA Cercasi by Lush

Review AAA Cercasi Lush

After a good shampoo is necessary to use a good hair conditioner: in my case I tried the balm AAA Cercasi, a super nourishing balm ideal for those who need to deeply moisturize the hair, especially the tips that are the most arid. The scent of this product is really soooo nice and its texture is very liquid.

The composition of AAA Cercasi by Lush is based on soy milk, yogurt and algae, along with melon and aim to restructure, setificare and satiate the hair, while the violet and orange flowers give a wonderful scent to the hair. Although this product is sold in a jar of 245 grams, at the cost of 22.50 CHF. I recommend you try it because I really liked it and the hair is very soft!

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