Summer 2013: the trend of bracelets

You have probably noticed, dear readers of, that during this summer of 2013 we are speaking a lot about the trend of bracelets. We started speaking about “Il Centimetro”, the real Made in Italy cult bracelet of the Mediterranean and, in particular, Italian Summer (you find here our personal review about it), and we also noticed the “Bracciale dell’Amore” of Roberto Giannotti, but there are a lot of other bracelets that populate this hot 2013 summer.

bracciale il centimetro
bracciale Amore Roberto Giannotti

If you look at the bracelet, you understand how it could be the lightest and most elegant accessory you can have, that is perfect when the hot weather asks you to wear short sleeved shirts or fluttering silks: because you can dress yourself with style even with a t-shirt or a short sleeved shirt, if you’ll be carrying something distinctive on your amr or wrist.

Perhaps because of the economic crisis, which prevents so many people to be able to show off some new and expensive accessory, these bracelets are the perfect choice to be trendy even during difficult times like ours.

Braccialetto Crucini per il WWF
Bracciale Think Big


The how we can not mention the famouse cloth bracelets signed by Cruciani and the latest new accessory Think of Bing, a bracelet suitable for large fashionistas and even bracelets signed by OPS! Object? With these accessories you can communicate a bit of positivity in spite of everyhing, literally embracing that which is the essence of Made in Italy: to give style to one’s life. And you, friends of, which one between all the bracelets of this summer of 2013 have chosen?

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