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This summer 2021 I discovered Givenchy Beauty products and I have to say I was really excited about them! On Instagram I showed you several products that I tested – even during the heat – and that I liked, so I decided to do a little more in-depth to talk more about what I tested and what you can find at Sephora in Switzerland and Italy.

The foundation Givenchy Prisme Libre

During the summer I often used Givenchy’s new foundation Prisme Libre: this foundation spreads perfectly with the fingertips, although you can use a brush for application. In any case, I felt very comfortable with this solution which, moreover, was recommended to me by the international make-up artist Kaz Hiruma. The texture of this foundation is moisturising and conducive to a perfect, radiant complexion.

There are many shades available – no less than 30 shades, suitable for warm, cool and neutral undertones – and in my case I chose to use a colour that was closest to the colour of my neck. In this way, there is no detachment – which I hate so much – and above all I can use it even during the winter season. Remember, though, that I don’t tan much so this solution works perfectly for me!

Anyway, Givenchy promises a 24-hour hydration level with a formula that is 97% natural. The remaining 3% is due to ingredients that keep the product formula at its best.

If you want to know about the Givenchy Prisme Libre foundation what reviews are out there, I can give you my opinion: the product is great, great on my combination and sensitive skin and only late in the evening did I notice some shine on my forehead. I suggest bringing some sebum-absorbing wipes with you in case it’s hot or you have particularly oily skin. I love the 12-hour glow effect on the skin as it makes it look healthy at a glance and then it almost feels like a second skin on, given the natural effect! If you wish, you can add a little Givenchy powder or any other brand in the areas where you tend to get greasy, so as to avoid this problem.

Having given you my opinions on Givenchy Prisme Libre foundation, I would like to remind you that the French brand also offers other solutions for creating a beautiful make-up base: in particular, you can also find Givenchy Teint Couture. The latter helps to even out the complexion, smoothing the skin and correcting minor imperfections; it also has SPF 20!

make up Givenchy

Blush Givenchy Prism Libre

After having introduced you to Givenchy’s foundation, I am ready to show you another make-up delicacy from this brand: I am talking about Givenchy’s blush! Those of you who know me know that I particularly appreciate this powder and like to have several of them with me. Unlike the first blush I bought from Givenchy – the Prisme Blush with four compact colours – the recently launched one comes in a free powder!

With the combination of these four colours, you can get a perfect, luminous colour that sculpts the cheeks to perfection and stays luminous for about 12 hours. The colour I have in my possession is 2 Taffetas Rosé and it is magnificent, even perfumed…I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. The packaging is also exceptional, with the cap featuring a mirror!

I can’t tell you if this is one of Givenchy’s best blushes, as I like them both, but I can tell you that they are two perfect solutions that take up little space in your bag, as one has a brush and the other a feather duster.

Finally, I would like to remind you that you can also find other colours of the same collection:

  • The light pink blush (01 Mousseline Lilas)
  • The blush with bright pink tones (02 Taffetas Rosé…this is my blush 😀 )
  • The blush with coral tones (03 Voile Corail)
  • The brick red blush by Givenchy (04 Organza Sienne)
  • Blush in shades of plum (05 Popeline Violine)
  • The blush on the brick and red thrones (06 Flanelle Rubis)

Make Up Givenchy

Podwer  Prisme Libre Givenchy

I continue with the Givenchy and this time I talk to you about the Prisme Libre powder. The packaging it is very similar to the blush even if the latter does not have a mirror.

Givenchy Beauty also with this cosmetic proposes a free powder product that we can apply with the feather duster. However, I know girls who prefer to use this powder with a brush too! To be honest, I’m really happy with the powder!

If you are looking for reviews on the Prisme Libre powder, I can tell you that I had and still have a pleasant experience. I particularly like it for its light and fine texture; it helps to give that extra touch to make-up without weighing it down! I would like to remind you that Givenchy also offers a pleasant and delicate scent on the skin with this cosmetic, for a really fine and elegant make-up.

Did you know that I also have a favourite perfume from this brand? It’s called Dahlia Divin di Givenchy!

Dahlia Divin Givenchy

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