Super Serum Erborian

The topic of skin is starting to become more and more important also for me: you know that beautiful skin is the best make-up base you can have. Today I’m going to show you the new super serums by Erborian: four creations with a formula concentrated in four super ingredients!

  • Bamboo Super Serum
  • Red Pepper Super Serum
  • Yuza Super Serum
  • Giseng Super Serum
Super Serum Erborian

Bamboo Super Serum Erborian

Erborian’s Bamboo Super Sérum is a product that helps to moisturise the skin more, while keeping moisture inside. The formula of this serum has been enriched with two forms of hyaluronic acid that combine to improve the skin. On the one hand there are low molecular weight particles that enter in the epidermis and on the other hand there are high molecular weight particles that plump up the skin while moisturising and preventing dehydration of the surface area.

When it comes into contact with the skin, Erborian’s Bamboo Super Sérum becomes water, providing an all-day sensation of comfort. The complexion is fresh, radiant and hydration increases by 46% two hours after application.

You can buy Erborian’s serum (30 ml) for 45 CHF in Switzerland. The serum is also available at Sephora in Italy!

Bamboo Super Serum Erborian

Red Pepper super serum Erborian

Korean red pepper extract is the key ingredient in Erborian’s Red Pepper Super Serum: its active ingredient developed does not contain capsaicin, the molecule that creates that warm sensation. It is an energising and antioxidant product that is able to increase the radiance of the skin, reducing dullness. Thanks to this ingredient rich in essential minerals, the skin will be balanced and hydrated.

Another interesting ingredient in this serum by Erborian is PHA (polyhydroxy acids): it excises to remove dead cells and help the skin improve its structure. The complexion also becomes more even and radiant! This ingredient is also perfect for all sensitive skins as it is a hydroxy acid which, compared with AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids), is less irritating!

You can buy this 30 ml serum for about 57.60 CHF in Switzerland. You can also find it in Italy!

Red Pepper super serum Erborian

Yuza Super Serum Erborian

Erborian’s Yuza serum is enriched with an ingredient that is a cross between a citrus fruit from the Citrus family and a wild mandarin. As you can imagine, it is rich in vitamin C and C24 ceramides, which are very important for our skin. This ingredient has moisturising and antioxidant properties so you can achieve radiant, nourished skin against dryness caused by external factors.

After a month’s application of th serum by Erborian, you can notice a strong and visibly nourished skin. Another advantage of this serum is its texture, which leaves no trace of grease.

This 30 ml serum costs 57.60 CHF in Switzerland and is also available in Italy.

Yuza Super Serum Erborian

Ginseng super serum Erborian

We finish by talking about Erborian’s Ginseng Super Sérum which combines a white ginseng complex and fermented red ginseng extract to bring benefits to the skin. This serum combats the signs of ageing while firming the skin. Korean ginseng has the highest concentration of active molecules of all ginseng varieties. It is harvested after 6 years when it is at its most concentrated!

ginseng super serum Erborian

The peptides contained within Erborian’s super serum make the skin firm and elastic, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. With the use of this serum you can already notice after 4 weeks firmer skin with 30% fewer fine lines under the eyes and 23% fewer crow’s feet.

The cost of this ginseng serum by Erboria is 72 CHF in Switzerland, but you can also find it in Italy!

Erborian’s Super Serums are all vegan!

Super Serum Erborian
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