The best eau de toilette by Bottega Verde Nettari Preziosi

For women the choice of the most suitable fragrances is not always simple, but fortunately you can find the scents between the famous brands of eau de toilette such as Bottega Verde. Recently,  I’d buy one of Bottega Verde Nettari Preziosi perfumes, Peonia Splendida.

This fragrance belonging to the Nettari Preziosi flowery fragrance family. In fact, the line consists in four fragrances, but at the end I choose Peonia Splendida because reflects my spirit.

The range of scent by Bottega Verde Nettari Preziosi

  • Peonia Splendida: suitable for dreamy woman with notes of citrus, peonies, roses, spices and exotic woods;
  • Magnolia Nera: a fragrance for sensual women with fruity and oriental notes;
  • Gardenia Reale: for magnetic woman who likes refreshing fragrances;
  • Giglio dorato: perfect for sun woman with floral notes and citrus;
Peonia Splendida profumi Bottega Verde

As you well know, all these scents by Bottega Verde are characterized by the choice of ingredients that come from the Italian nature. I am a person who likes to dream, to live my life full of excitement and capture the best moment of all things, the Peonia Splendida scent is definitely one that does more for me.

From the point of view, this scent is rich in floral notes, precisely peonies and roses, but there are even references to the spices and the exotic woods, that let you dream about a holiday somewhere. Citrus fruits, then give that sparkling touch to perfume!

I remind you that  if you like the idea of trying the collection of Nettari Preziosi, you can choose not only the eau the toilette, but also the shower gel, body milk and soap.

And you, Which of these four fragrances by Bottega Verde most reflects your personality?

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Melody Laurino

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