The best shampoo massager for your scalp

How many times you see that your scalp needed a deep cleaning? Fortunately, there is a tool that can help us to clean in the best way your scalp: I’m talking about the shampoo massager! This product category is trending especially on Tik Tok between the beauty influencers. Would you believe me if I told you that the views for this product (with hashtag #scalpmassager) even amount to 22.2 million?

Why do people love the shampoo brush?

The shampoo brush is perfect also to exfoliate the scalp, especially if you want to avoid the dandruff. Don’t forget that this brush also helps you perform a massage, which is why so many people like to use this tool. The rounded tips of the brush perform a gentle massage on the scalp, stimulating microcirculation in the head.

Shampoo brush: how to use?

If you are asking how to use the shampoo brush the answer is simple: you need to wet your hair and then soaping hair with your favourite shampoo. After these two steps, you can gently massage the scalp in small and circular motions. I suggest you do these rotating movement for 2-3 minutes. Once finished your massage, you must rinse the shampoo out. 

Scalp massage for hair growth: is true?

Many believe also that this scalp tool is also perfect to stimulate the hair grown, although there aren’t any studies that confirm this theory. So, if you want to buy this tool because you want to stimulate the scalp, avoid unnecessary purchases. I suggest you rather buy any specific products for this function. For ex. I can suggest you try with a natural shampoo such as Wasabi shampoo by Lush; another interesting solution to take care of your scalp and stimulate it is the lavender hydrosol that you can mix with your shampoo or in alternative spray in on your scalp and then massage it with rotating movement. 

Which brush to buy?

In e-commerce but also in some shop it is possible to find the shampoo brush, but the question is: what the best product that I can buy and use on my scalp? At moment the best brands that offer us this hair tool are Heeta and Maxsoft, but in Switzerland you can find also Trisa Massage & Care Scalp Brush. I remind you, of course, that you can also find many cheap solutions on portals such as Amazon, Alibaba and AliExpress.

Remember that to take care of your scalp it is not necessary to use this tool exclusively. You can also find many other products in the shops that will help you with your scalp detox treatment, such as serums, shampoos and exfoliants. Don’t overdo it but focus on providing a pleasant experience for your scalp and hair!

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