The mush-have products by Nuxe Sun

The new products by Nuxe Sun

For 2022, the Nuxe brand has decided to expand its Sun range with two new products: I am talking about the melting lotion high protection SPF 50 and the Milky oil for hair moisturising protection. Let’s discover them!

Meeting Lotion High Protection SPF 50

Nuxe Sun

Let’s start by talking about Nuxe’s first novelty sunscreen SPF 50: this is a product to be applied before sun exposure which protects the skin with its three sun filters from UVA and UVB rays. Nuxe offers us these face and body sunscreens with a pleasant fragrance for summer; the finish of the SPF 50 sunscreen also leaves no white patina on the skin. The formula of this product has also been enriched with extracts of rice and rosemary: both ingredients take care of the skin with an anti-ageing action and prevent the appearance of annoying dark spots, giving the skin a golden tan and an even appearance.

Of course, you need to apply Nuxe sunscreen before exposure – I generally apply it just before leaving the house so that I am also protected while driving. Remember, too, that it is essential to choose a sunscreen that is suitable for your face throughout the rest of the year, not just in summer. If you bathe or sweat a lot, you will need to reapply Nuxe cream (about every 2 hours if you don’t get wet).

Nuxe’s SPF 50 sunscreen tube is 150 ml and you’ll find it on sale for around 30.60 CHF. You can also find it in Italy for about 27.90 €.

Milky oil for hair moisturising protection

Nuxe Sun

One of Nuxe Sun’s new products for summer 2022 is a hair oil-milk, a moisturising protection for the hair with two anti-UVA and anti-UVB sun filters. The two-phase, ultra-light product also protects the hair from chlorine, sand and saltiness. Nuxe Sun’s sun protection formula for hair has also been enriched with organic coconut and jojoba oil: the purpose of these ingredients is to repair hair in depth, leaving it shiny and non-greasy.

In order to use Nuxe Sun’s sun portion, you need to shake it, so that the two phases are agitated, and then you can spray it from about 20 centimetres away. Please do not use this product on your body or face, as it is not recommended for this use! Another interesting aspect of this product concerns the packaging: in fact, the bottle is made of recyclable plastic, 100% recycled. The cost of this 100 ml product is about 20.70 CHF; you can also find it in Italy for about 17.90 €.

Nuxe SUN contribute to the respet of environment

If you did not know, Nuxe has always been committed to the environment: in fact, the formulas of these two products – like those of the other cosmetics that make up this line – are water-resistant and respectful of the marine ecosystem (algae and bacteria). In this way, the marine environment is not harmed and we try to disperse as little product as possible in the water!

Nuxe is also committed to cleaning beaches of plastic through the OCEANOPLASTIC project by NGO: ocean pollution is a major problem today. Just think, one third of the plastic waste generated in the world ends up in the ocean (approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic).

If you would also like to contribute actively to cleaning up the environment, every time you go for a walk on the beach or on your seaside holiday, take the opportunity to make a nice gesture, for example by collecting abandoned plastic bottles, cigarette butts and any other waste that damages our environment.

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