The recipe of croissant browsed (lactose-free)

How many times have you eating a nice croissant, even if you have already had breakfast? I think they are among the most delicious desserts to be proposed to the table, and why not, even for a picnic. For this reason I decided to participate in the contest PicNic by the blog Kitchen Pinching with the recipe for croissants browsed, lactose-free.

Recipe croissants browsed


  • 275 grams of flour 00
  • 275 grams of flour Manitoba
  • 90 grams of sugar
  • 115 grams of milk free lactose
  • 2 eggs
  • Grated lemon peel
  • 15 grams of fresh yeast
  • 170 grams of cold water
  • 30 grams of butter at room temperature  free lactose
  • 290 grams of butter free lactose
Ingredienti croissant sfogliati
croissant sfogliati senza lattosio


croissant sfogliati
impasto croissant sfogliati


croissant sfogliati
realizzazione croissant sfogliati

croissant sfogliati
croissant sfogliati


  • Combine the flour in a bowl after being sieved;
  • In the bowl of kitchen robot, put the water, yeast chopped  and only 150 grams of flour;
  • Knead to mix well, cover with plastic wrap and then allow to rise for 1 hour;
  • Operate again with the kitchen robot and add 3 tablespoons flour, 1 egg yolk and once absorbed add the sugar;
  • Then alternate flour and milk until they are exhausted and the dough is smooth and elastic;
  • Put your dough on the pastry board, add in the center 30 grams of butter and grated lemon peel and then knead by hand for 20 minutes;
  • Cover with plastic wrap and then allow to rise for 1 hour;
  • A few minutes before you take the dough, spread the butter with the help of two sheets of parchment paper and a rolling pin;
  • Get a rectangle about 25×20 inches and then you will have to superimpose it (pay attention ’cause the butter will not too soft) on the dough stretched (40 x 20 inches);
  • Leave free from butter the top of the dough and then fold on the butter the top of the dough and then the other part of dough;
  • Put it for 10 minutes in the fridge with plastic wrap;
  • Roll out the dough with the bottom side front of me and the side of “book” on the right and a thickness of 8 mm;
  • Fold the bottom and then the top of the dough and put in the fridge for 40 minutes, covering with plastic wrap;
  • Repeat this operation two more times;
  • Roll out the dough in a rectangle from which to derive  the isosceles triangles with base of 9 cm;
  • Proceed to the realization a cut at the base of them and then realize the croissant;
  • Cover and let rise for 2 hours and a half;
  • Brush with egg and bake for the first 5 minutes at 200 ° C fan oven and then reduce to 180 ° C convection oven until you get the golden croissant browsed;
croissant sfogliati
croissant sfogliati
croissant sfogliati
croissant sfogliati

This is my recipe for the contest PicNic by Kitchen Pinching!

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