The summer products by Yon-ka

The solar products Yonka, available in the spa and Suisse beauty salons , to propose this summer a range of products for skin protection from UVA and UVB. These solar products Yon-ka offer optimal protection thanks to polyphenols regenerating olive oil and tea.
The sunscreen with SPF 20 enriched with vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, bisabolol (chamomile essential oil and yarrow) who virtues soothing on the skin and olive polyphenols by regenerating and antioxidant effects. The sunscreen product with SPF 25 is made from wheat germ oil and cereals, as well as from extracts of the bark of mimosa tenuiflora that slows the aging of the skin and prevent pigmentation. Finally, the one with SPF 50 is designed for maximum UV protection. The apricot kernel oil moisturizes and revitalizes the skin, vitamin B5 and licorice extract soothes and softens the skin. Finally, 3 of the tea polyphenols protect and regenerate the tissue.

Yon-ka Solari

The solar Yonka products also offer after-sun care skin following sun exposure, with milk after-sun blueberry, grape and allantoin that soothe, while the cucumber extract and proteins have a moisturizing effect and smoothing.
For the passionate of the product after-sun, there is the product prolongateur de Bronzage or a product that is able to prolong the tan even after the end of the holidays, leaving the surface of the skin smooth and soft. Finally, I remind you also that between the solar Yon-ka, there is the self-tanning milk with extracts of fruit oils, rice oil and shea butter which give you the chance to have a tanned skin as in midsummer.

solari Yon-ka

Solari Yon-ka

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