The new collection Prachtauffüller Garnier Fructis

Today it’s the right time to speak about products for your hair (expecially now that it come the Spring) and I decided to show you the new products by Garnier Fructis: it’s the collection Prachtauffüller Garnier or Matière & Densité in French. The secret of this new line of products is the particular molecule Fibra-Cylane, that help you to improve the density of your hair.

In this way, your hair are too soft, voluminous and silky for a great look to show us during this Spring-Summer 2015!

The collection by Garnier Fructis consist in six products and I tested four of these: shampoo, conditioner, serum and spray hairstyling. Le’ts go to discover all products!

Densi e Corposi Garnier Fructis

Shampoo Garnier Fructis

Densi e Corposi Garnier

The shampoo, available in the maxi size of 300ml, is in a bottle of fuchsia color (my favorite color XD) and since opening lasts up to 12 months. The product smells good, that is perceptible even when the hair is dry, and has a fairly liquid consistency. Once you soap your hair, you can see a lot of foam, so as to clean the hair. I must say that I like this product and I’m curious to see the long-term results.

Conditioner  Garnier Fructis

The conditioner by Garnier Fructis has a different texture than the shampoo: in fact, it seems more dense. I apply it only on the length of the hair, because my hair are oily. I am afraid to get them dirty too quickly. Also in this case, the product has been presented in the maxi formed by 250 ml of products and has the same scent of the shampoo.

Serum Garnier Fructis

Densi e Corposi Garnier

Once finished the shampoo and applied the conditioner, apply on the lengths of the hair the serum. I recommend you to have to apply it when your hair is still wet! Within this vial with blower (5o ml) there is the serum from the consistency similar to that of the balsam; also this product has a very pleasant smell, like the other products.

Spray Styling Garnier Fructis

Densi e Corposi Garnier

In the end there is the last product that I tested, which helps give the final touch to the hair in the fold: it is the spay stiling Matière & Densité Garnier. In this case, you’ll have to use the product only when the hair is dry! The spray product is contained within a canister tin of 200 ml. Even this product, just like the others, it helps to have a thick head of hair, but with a good seal.

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