Christmas time at Lush in Lugano

This is a particular article because I want to share with you some pictures about the beautiful shop Lush Lugano, in Piazza Cioccaro.

Some week ago I visited the Lush Lugano and I have to say that you can feel really the Christmas ambient: as you well remember, what’s new for Christmas are so many signed Lush (read about Lush products for Christmas 2013) and in the shop was a lot of bath bomb, special packages, beauty products and much more for Christmas.

Bottega Lush Lugano Piazza Cioccaro  Lugano Lush  Bottega Lush Lugano  Bottega Lush Lugano

Negozio Lush Lugano

Bottega Lush Lugano  Lush Lugano  Negozio Lugano Lush  Bottega Lush Lugano

I was greeted by the girls in the shop and Antonella also gave me the opportunity to test  in the store Lush in Piazza Cioccaro some products including the magnificent facial cleanser Cherubini a fior di pelle ( I’ll show you in the next time). I also got free Lush products that I’ll show you soon. So I invite you to discover the store, the kindness and professionalism of Lush Lugano in Piazza Cioccaro.

The store in question is open from Monday to Saturday until 18:30, except Thursday at 20:00 and Saturday until 17:00. I give you some photos of Lush Christmas in Lugano… I hope you like 😉

 Lush Lugano

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