Claudia Schiffer in the new OPEL OH! campaign

Likely you have seen on television the new advertising of the new Opel Corsa, where the undisputed star, as well as being the car, is the beautiful former model Claudia Schiffer. In this campaign television we see a man who arrives at the airport and then take a car, but not any one, but the new Opel Corsa and in this momenti he says “Oh!” because she described the new car as a magnificent car.

The thing that makes me entertain is that the girl continues his “O” saying “Pel” and, at that time, spoke the beautiful Claudia Schiffer who took the opportunity to say that she wants try too the new Opel Corsa.

Claudia Schiffer Opel OH!

What are the details that distinguish the new Opel cars? Among the specifications listed in the new campaign by Opel notice the touch screen navigation, the collision warning, automatic parking assistance , the smartphone connetivity and heated steering wheel. In short, all the details that together make this small car a great car comfortable to use in and out of the city.

Besides, who would not want to have a car that parks itself? This is definitely a luxury when you are in town and there is too much confusion. Then,it is beautiful also that the steering wheel is heated? But that’s not all…

The new Opel Corsa is offered in both size  3-door and 5-door variant and is available in many colors like the beautiful emerald green, but also the red Magma that we see in this campaign. You just have to try and find the one you like, just like it did Claudia Schiffer! Now see the new campaign by Oper Corsa!

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