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It doesn’t seem true, but the year 2014 is near the end! So I decided to make a list with my top 10 products discovered during 2014, hoping that the next year will be very rich and surprising as this that it comes end. Naturally look to know even your top 5 or top 10 of 2014:-) I’m always curious to know your best products that you have captured and captivated … maybe I find something new for me too!

Review Collistar Mascara

1 – Venus Acqua Micellare: Let’s go to discover the first product, one of my favorite for this 2014 that is the Venus Acqua Micellare. This product is perfect to remove all kind of makeup, included the waterproof makeup, and give you a touch of freshness on your face. I heard from the other girls that this is more good of the Biotherma micellar water.

2 – Shock Mascara Beauty Italian:  With this mascara I’ve found a real love! This product in burgundy color – color of this year – is extraordinary with the makeup of pink, purple and burgundy … I’m really fall in love for it!

3-2-in1 smoky gel liner & brow definer The Body Shop: Among the novelties of 2014 of The Body Shop I hit two in one product or a product designed as a gel eyeliner and fill in eyebrows. I, frankly, use this product only on the eye, since I have a lot of convenience in defining eyebrows with this product. It ‘available in two color variants, black and brown!

Pixie Dust Zoya
Pixie Dust Zoya

4- Huile Divine by Caudalìe: If you want to pamper your hair, this oil is the right way! This oil has a very light texture and is fun to draw not only on the hair, but also on your skin. I prefer it more on the hair! It ‘available in a big bottle and if you decide to buy it, you will definitely a great investment (its price is a little bit expencive).

5 – Parfum Dahlia Givenchy:For this parfum I thank Eileen of CoolBrandz…it’s too good! Generally, I’m not a lover of the essences strong, but this is particularly interesting and delicate; I can tell you however that the scent lasts for all day and, sometimes, you feel the next day on the jersey.

6- Nail polishes PixieDust Zoya: This line of nail polishes was a real discovery for me! I had never tried a nail polish with glitter so coverage, but mainly by the colors bright and vibrant. Currently there is also a wonderful line of opaque colors of nail polishes. If you want to buy these nail polishes, in Switzerland, you can get a discount of 20% on the portal with the discount code GLAMCHICBOLD_FAN.

Michael Kors lip gloss

7 – Primer Elf Cosmetics: Among the cheap and good product is definitely the primer by Elf, which I discovered during this year and used very often. This product can be purchased both in Italy and in Switzerland and will help you set precisely the color on the eyelid. The makeup of your eyes is definitely more beautiful with the use of the primer!

8 – Cream Supreme Ultra Soft Nutry by Aquolina: It is a multifunctional cream which can be used for the body, face and hands. I like this cream signed by Aquolina with its scent and its texture, because they are truly exceptional: a sweet scent and texture very silky on the skin. It is priced a bit ‘high, but it is definitely worth it!

9 – Lipstick Claudia Nars Cosmetics: This lipstick is really beautiful and I discovered very recently, but despite that I wanted to put it among the most interesting discoveries of 2014. It’s a beautiful matte lipstick fuchsia, which remains long on the lips. I advise you and you can see it in detail in my latest video on YouTube!

10 – Lip Luster Michael Kors:  What is beautiful this gloss? It’s a very light color and knows fishing, for this I think it is perfect for the summer season. Inside the gloss, however, there are also tiny glitter gold, which will highlight even more the lips.

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Melody Laurino
Melody Laurino

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