xlo+, the essential accessory for him and her.

xlo+ bracciale

Today I want to show you a new accessory made in Italy that more soon it will be in Switzerland: it’s the new xlo+!

This accessory is perfetct for women and for men and you can usa as you want (for explame such as bracelet, necklace, clip for your hair and ankle bandage. Every single xlo+ is proposed in a colorful packaging, and you can assemble yourself your gem according to the instructions, using a small Allen screw wrench, two screws and elastic lace.

2 Shoes
shoes laces
5 Porta penne
cavigliera da uomo/anklet for men
anklet for men

You can use your xlo+ as you want and you can find your best use about it 🙂 Now I want share with you the presentation about this accessory:

“Don’t call me bracelet, I’m a tiny brick.”

“I’m not just a bracelet, but something that you have to assemble and adapt to your body. This automatically creates a special feeling between me and you. I will become YOUR personal accessory.”

“Recent studies have shown that my logo XLO+ is a combination of characters, which are able to evoke a multitude of meanings in your minds, making me confidential and unforgettable.”

“My logo convey a positive charge and inspire positive values. Positive thinking brings inner peace, success, improved relationships, better health, happiness and satisfaction.
Would you wear me as an amulet?”

“I’m easy to recognize and already worn by right people.”

“You can wear me in different colours: Each colour has its own meaning: Choose the one that match your mood.”

“I’m not expensive, my affordable price led you to do not resist .”

packaging xlo+

collana xlo+

bracciale xlo+

If you see the new accessory xlo+ you can find three symbols: “X” for multiplication and trasformation, “lo” for the two energies of man and woman and the “+” for the the union and  the positivity of the absoluteI think that this accesory is very nice, expecially if you want add it to your casual look and because you can fit perfectly thanks to the elastic strap that can also be cut to shorten. At moment there are 38 models of xlo+ and you’ll find xlo+ in the next week on website Trend-On-Line.com at the cost about 36 chf and 48 chf for the models with zircons.

How to create xlo+

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